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SCE wins EIT-funded project "SFF.DeepT+"

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Our project "DeepTech in Higher Education Institutions and Ecosystems through Entrepreneurial Education+" (SFFDEEPT+)  and the partner organizations of the consortium, lead by University of Aveiro/Portugal will receive an initial 750.000 EUR, which will support building innovation capacity through the integration of deeptech talent-fostering activities in the EU. More information about SFF.DeepT+ here:
The project will receive funding from the EIT’s HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education. This initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) aims to boost the entrepreneurial and innovation capacity of higher education institutions (HEIs) across Europe through the integration of deep tech activities.

SFF.DeepT+ Project sets the pathway to the future, towards 2030 and beyond, with a new Systemic DeepTech Innovation framework that involves (as drivers and key-actors) the relevant stakeholders of an Open European Innovation Ecosystem. The project is grounded in the consolidated Start for Future initiative and community, being the driver of a NEW DEAL OF INNOVATION which bridges and brings together the Knowledge Triangle partners with an effective collaborative capacity, built through the understanding of interconnectedness in achieving synergies of co-creation among partners, and capability to adapt to emerging changes in society.

It is part of the mission of SFF.DeepT+ to change the perspective on innovation by building a fast-growing alliance and, therefore, creating a university-driven ecosystem that endorses innovation and its impact on society at the economical, ecological, technological, and societal levels.

Stakeholders within institutions and their ecosystems will be invited to and organically engaged in a dynamic, democratic, inclusive and responsible co-creation process for a truly community-based and participatory system. This approach brings together students, professionals, and academic staff of HEIs and emphasises the potential of each in the process of learning and knowledge sharing.

SFF.DeepT+ engages Bachelor, Master’s and PhD students, as well as early-stage researchers, in business, start-up and spin-off creation through Project-based, transdisciplinary formats built on challenges defined by stakeholders of the Knowledge Triangle, cities, regions, and businesses, and aligned with the UN SDGs.

Namely, SFF.DeepT+ brings the added value of:

  • a holistic approach to innovation with a DeepTech focus, providing a ‘thinking’ framework for co-creation to enhance synergies;
  • a deep tech-based incubation programme focused on three different technological maturity levels, capitalising the Start for Future Programme;
  • bridging research and society by means of a conceptual framework, methodologies and actions for the capacitation of DeepTech PhD students and early-stage researchers (start-up and spin-off founders), developing their intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial competences;
  • scaling and digitising the SFF.DeepT+ community;
  • addressing responsibility, gender and impact dimensions.

The holistic approach of SFF.DeepT+ addresses the following
trategic Objectives of the EIT KICs Urban Mobility:

  • Close the knowledge gap;
  • Accelerate market opportunities;
  • EIT Manufacturing: Competitive manufacturing skills and social sustainability;
  • Powerful manufacturing innovation ecosystems;
  • EIT Health: Fostering healthier lives.

Within the  SFFDEEPT+, the following eleven partners work together:

University Aveiro, PORTUGAL (in the lead) Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek Croatia, Dundalk Institute of Technology, IRELAND, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, GERMANY,  University of Economics Varna, BULGARIA, Fundació TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme, SPAIN​​​​​​, VIA University College, DENMARK, THhe Queens university of Belfast, UK, Edinburgh Napier University, UK, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, GERMANY, University of Information Technology and Management, POLAND.

About the EIT HEI Initiative

The EIT’s HEI Initiative is a key objective for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology as part of its new strategy. The initiative aims to support HEIs with expertise and coaching, access to the EIT innovation ecosystem, the largest in Europe, and funding, enabling them to develop innovation action plans complementing the needs of individual HEIs. This is the EIT HEI Initiative’s third call for proposals and its first call with a special focus on deep tech. So far, the initiative has provided funding to over 60 projects. The next call for proposals is expected towards the end of 2023. Discover more about the initiative at

About the EIT

The EIT strengthens Europe’s ability to innovate by powering solutions to pressing global challenges and by nurturing entrepreneurial talent to create sustainable growth and skilled jobs in Europe. The EIT is an EU body and an integral part of Horizon Europe, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The Institute supports dynamic pan-European partnerships, EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities, among leading companies, research labs and universities.