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Digital contract manager WechselGott has raised €5.6 million in its Series A funding round. The post-money valuation, of the team supported by the SCE, is now €28 million.

The young InsurTech startup, which launched its offering of a fully automated contract manager in 2019, is thus continuing to grow strongly. WechselGott uses the PSD2 banking interface to enable its customers to easily manage their electricity, gas and insurance contracts. Existing contracts of the user are recognized fully automatically and compared independently on the market. Tedious searching, comparing and uploading of contracts is no longer necessary. With just a few clicks, the average customer saves around €200 p.a. on energy switching alone.

This offer already inspired many people banks, with which WechselGott co-operates closely in the selling. "With WechselGott, we are happy to help our partners relieve the financial burden on their customers through the automated optimization of contracts and insurance policies. Our goal is to offer the easiest contract change in Germany. We are happy that we can take away the hassle of manual and time-consuming switching from many people," explains Werner Kräutlein, who had the original idea for the innovative switching service.

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