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Sustainability and Circularity

With Responsible Entrepreneurship , we want to promote and advance an economy that creates prosperity without compromising values, ecology and the future viability of all of us. An economy that, in addition to economic success and corporate profits, produces added value for society and addresses social and ecological challenges. Our future must be more climate-friendly, sustainable and fair than today.

Sustainable innovation can combine ecology with resource-conscious economics. The concept of circularity aims to decouple human well-being and economic activity from environmental damage. If we are to achieve these goals, the way we as a society consume and produce, but also think and learn, must change.

Our Vision of "Responsible Entrepreneurship"


Entrepreneurship and digitalization are two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, digitalization as the decisive paradigm of our time is shaping the renewal of all areas of our society. On the other hand, entrepreneurship provides the tools and methods for shaping such dynamic processes. Only by closely dovetailing these developments can universities today succeed in fulfilling their societal mission of educating young people in a sustainable and successful manner. In addition to the goal of imparting digital skills to students, it is also a matter of fulfilling our mission to have an economic and social impact and to drive forward digitalization processes in the metropolitan region through innovative forms of knowledge and technology transfer.

Digital Training Programs of our SCE Academy.


Equal cooperation between people of different origins, gender, ethnicity, age, religious and ideological beliefs, and sexual orientation is a matter of concern to us and constitutive of our work. By diversity we mean the need to promote diversity and to improve or create equal opportunities for all people in society. This includes, for example, raising awareness of intercultural perspectives in educational formats, supporting a welcoming culture, and being gender-sensitive. Did you know that the German startup scene has a female share of only 16%, of which more than half are trying to create a positive impact for society with their startups? That's why we tell the stories of such female founders and role models for future Female Founders in our fIVE Podcast.

Female Founders Stories on the fIVE Podcast.


Innovation and entrepreneurship is an international business. That's why we are active in diverse international networks and communities and share with our partners a global common innovation ecosystem with a constantly growing number of international universities and partners and with offers for students & start-ups, scientists & researchers, companies & institutions.

Become part of our international ecosystem with Start for Future.

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