about-drinks Beverages Award 2021: HafTea, the first cannabis iced tea by and with rapper Haftbefehl, wins Gold

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HafTea is the first cannabis iced tea in a can with green tea, lemon and hemp flavor and was awarded gold in the category iced tea at the Beverages Award 2021. We say: Honor to whom honor is due and if even rapper Haftbefehl recommends it, you should not miss the first cannabis iced tea - Baba HafTea Lemon OG! HafTea comes from Canlife and Canlife is part of our Drink Innovation Campus (DICA).

HafTea serves the booming hemp market with its authentic hemp flavor and has an authentic super testimonial in Haftbefehl. Thus, the Haftbefehl iced tea secured gold at the Beverages Awards ahead of the iced tea brands of rap art colleague Shirin David (DirTea) and Capital Bra (Bratee).

"This lemon iced tea not only impresses with its great and simple design but also promises a relaxing effect through the contained Kush Terpenes, is not so sweet and also healthy and is with its green tea content almost twice as high as the standard iced teas on the market," writes Canlife on the Haftea product website.

The 2021 Beverages Award has now been presented for the fourth time. "The categories in the voting again ranged from non-alcoholic beverages to beer, sparkling wine, cider and spirits. Current trends such as hard seltzers and non-alcoholic spirits or spirit alternatives were also taken into account," according to the website of award organizer aboutdrinks.

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Images: (c) canlife/canlife.drinks