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The nominees of the Strascheg Award 2022 have been determined!

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At the Start for Future Summit of the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences on November 23rd, the participants of the Strascheg Award 2022 will be celebrated and 15 inter/national winners from 5 categories will be chosen. They can look forward to prize money totaling €40,000! As a special feature this year, in addition to the ideas from the university, international project teams and start-ups from the Start for Future Alliance will also be honored.

The following 31 nominees will present their business ideas to the audience and hope to receive an award at the Strascheg Award 2022, the ideas competition of the HM.

Category 1 "Best business idea from a course at HM":

  • JARYLO are moss-covered external venetian blinds that reduce the temperature in buildings in summer without additional energy costs to create a comfortable indoor climate for employees. HM reference: Students of the faculties 07 (Computer Science and Mathematics; Data Science and Scientific Computing), 11 (Applied Social Sciences; Management of Social Innovations) and 13 (Studium Generale and Interdisciplinary Studies; International Project Management) Course: Social X-Factor (Coach: Sonja Wilhelm; Inter-University Course)
  • Luxivr is developing EVOS, a pair of wearable near-infrared red light therapy glasses designed to treat one of the world's most common eye diseases, dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), to preserve and restore vision in affected patients. HM reference: Students (FK 10 Business Administration & FK 06 Ophthalmic Optics and Optometry) Course: Interfaculty Real Project | Health, MedTech & Wellbeing (Prof. Dr. Maisch of FK 06 Applied Natural Sciences and Mechatronics)
  • HygienicMed is a start-up, which provides with the product RapidGlove a fast method for easy donning of a disposable glove for every employee of a medical institution.HM-Reference: Students (FK 03 Mechanical Engineering, FK 10 Business Administration) & Alumna (FK10) Course: Entrepreneurship (Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Eursch from FK 03)
  • Smart&Cool is an intelligent and easy to integrate cooling lubricant system for machine tools, which ensures product quality, cost efficiency, sustainability, tool longevity and occupational safety of manufacturing companies in the production step of tool cooling through an optimal and fully automated cooling. HM reference: Students of the bachelor courses in mechanical engineering (FK 03) and business administration (FK10) Course: Entrepreneurship - Format i2S - Idea to Solution (Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer, inter-faculty project seminar of the faculties of mechanical engineering (FK 03) and business administration (FK 10))
  • Solar Power Shift is a cooperative that aims to provide a cost-effective solution for electricity generation through photovoltaic systems for private individuals, municipalities and companies to ensure crisis-proof and self-sufficient access to cheap green electricity. HM reference: students (FK 11 Social Sciences, FK 13 Project Management & FK 14 Tourism) & alumna (FK 10 Business Administration) Course: Social X-Factor (a.o. Prof. Daniel Ittstein from FK 13 Studium Generale; inter-university course).
  • The Mental Friend is an automated application service that enables acutely mentally ill people to access psychotherapy. HM reference: students of Data Science and Scientific Computing (FK 07), Business Administration (FK10) and Management of Social Innovations (FK 11) Course: Social X-Factor (Prof. Daniel Ittstein from FK 13 Studium Generale; inter-university course).
  • wellGOing is an app that uses NFC technology to combine mindfulness and movement to establish a more conscious lifestyle for business people and to integrate movement in the form of daily walks into everyday working life - according to the motto: walk your mind well. HM reference: Students (FK 10 Business Administration, M.Sc. Applied Business Innovation) Course: Open Innovation - Theories and Concept (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Habelt from FK 10)

Category 2 "Best business idea during the study period at HM":

  • ecomates develop a smart degrader - From waste product to usable resource with the decentralized biogas plant. HM reference: Student (FK 03 Mechanical Engineering)
  • Future Weeks are the virtual business run for sustainability in action - a micro-engagement program for establishing a sustainable corporate culture. HM reference: Student (FK 09 Industrial Engineering)
  • micro factory is a fully automated production unit for thermoset components with the target group industry and home users. With the help of the mSLA printing process, it allows the production of parts with very high precision and speed without setup times. HM reference: students (FK 06 Applied Research, FK 04 Systems Engineering, FK 03 Mechanical Engineering and FK 10 Business Administration).
  • Project Delphi is an automated, data-driven platform that protects all parties involved in the crypto market from fraud and bad decisions, thus reducing financial crime worldwide. HM reference: student (FK 04 electrical and information engineering).
  • Refeeling provides reusable and smart packaging in supermarkets and reverse vending machines to collect all kinds of reusable packaging for people who do not want to generate kilograms of packaging waste every day. HM reference: Erasmus student (FK 05 and 09; idea developed in bachelor thesis with Prof. Dr. Sven Sängerlaub (FK 05 Paper & Packaging)).
  • Smart Avalanche Probe is an add-on for avalanche probes to detect avalanches before they occur for winter sports enthusiasts in unsecured mountain slopes. HM reference: Student (FK 06 in the master program mechatronics)

Category 3 "Best business idea from science and practice at HM":

  • BEAMOTIONS extends the range of functions of existing digital displays by adding the ability to control the content with simple hand gestures in a touchless and thus completely hygienic way, thus enabling the displayed information to be experienced in an intuitive and memorable way. HM reference: Alumnus (FK 03, aerospace engineering)
  • Geburtshaus Siebengebirge offers obstetrics close to home with 1:1 care by midwives and thus creates a new local offer for pregnant women and parents-to-be in the Siebengebirge region. HM reference: Prof. Dr. Katja Stoppenbrink (professorship for ethics in the social professions at the FK 11, board of directors of the non-profit association for obstetrics & family health e.V.)
  • MYLK - The Oat Drink Automatic Reduced-emission oat drink for supermarkets To make a carton of milk sustainable, the contents must be changed. Oat drinks are a good alternative, but the transport weight of the water in the packaged drinks causes high transport emissions. Tretra Pak packaging emissions could also be significantly reduced. The MYLK vending machine enables the first fresh preparation of oat drinks in the supermarket. The oat mixture is mixed with water in the supermarket, reducing transport emissions compared to packaged oat drinks. Packaging emissions are eliminated as supermarket customers fill their own bottles. HM reference: alumna (FK 12, Industrial Design).
  • On Workation Club is a tour operator that organizes CoWorkations (accommodation, CoWorking, sports activities and evening program) in the most beautiful places in Europe to help remote workers and self-employed people overcome the loneliness of the home office and get back into their work-life balance. HM reference: alumna (FK 14, Tourism Management).
  • Simple Crypto is active in the bitcoin education sector. We impart knowledge about cryptocurrencies through our unique gamified app learning approach. HM reference: student & alumnus (FK 07, Information Systems).
  • Systemic Construction 4.0 offers an element-based lightweight construction system for the building industry based on UHPC and sustainable insulation materials, which can be used to build homes significantly cheaper and faster. HM reference: alumnus (FK 09 Industrial Engineering), DBI Program in Business Innovation (SCE, University of Aveiro).
  • Tillify is an app to quickly, practically and inexpensively turn any picture into a customized gift/artwork made of sticky bricks (Lego, etc.) for anyone. HM reference: Students (FK 06 Computer Science) & Professor (Head of study program MFB / Lecturer Computer Science)

Category 4 "Best business idea from the international project teams of the Start for Future Alliance":

  • Eco Tire Solutions produces 3D-printed, airless tires from discarded car tires.
  • Hearthy is an eco-friendly startup that turns human hair waste into an innovative fertilizer through composting.
  • Plugable is building a community-powered EV charging network.
  • Reuseful helps businesses process their organic waste while creating an organic fertilizer.
  • Thermo-Light provides energy generation from body heat for portable electronics to reduce the need for consumer batteries.
  • Vsycle is developing novel ice nucleating proteins for use as cloud imagery to replace current toxic silver iodide-based agents.

Category 5 "Best Business Idea from the Start for Future Alliance International Startups":

  • Demosat Ltd is a mobile application that helps environmentally conscious users in Germany protect themselves from pollution and even prevent it by measuring pollution and providing goals and recommendations through the use of a gamified framework.
  • Hortee by Fhlud is the platform for data-driven food markets with positive impact.
  • LineTrack is a cloud-based process tracking platform that tracks the value of each product across companies, reducing time spent on reconciliations and providing more planning certainty, planning certainty in the supply chain of machine manufacturers.
  • Re:Drink decentralizes the production of beverages to the point of consumption.
  • RongoDesign creates sustainable, innovative materials by enhancing natural materials.

Congratulations to the nominees and we are already looking forward to an exciting awards ceremony at the Start for Future Summit. Free registration for the Start for Future Summit live stream. The Strascheg Award ceremony will take place on 11/23/2022, from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.