digital Pitch Festival Wintersemester 21/22 - Review

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Have you ever thought about what you could improve on a walking stick? Not us! That's why we were all the more excited by the idea of"Always with you - instead of in front of the threshold". This walking stick promises greater stability and can be flexibly customized with various add-ons. But this is only one of the three winning teams that convinced the jury.

18 exciting pitches were heard by the audience and the jury at the digital Pitchfestival on Tuesday. The range of ideas in this year's winter semester was once again huge. The ideas developed in the entrepreneurship courses included everything from solutions for the mobility revolution to a smart onboarding system for faster integration of employees to a smart pager that transmits patient data to hospital staff in real time and on demand.

Three teams particularly convinced the jury in terms of feasibility, degree of innovation and impact .

And the winning teams are...

1st place (1000 EUR): Always with you - instead of in front of the threshold - the smart walker for safe locomotion and maximum stability.

2nd place (500 EUR): Falina - an APP designed to make caring for loved ones easier with the help of video tutorials.

3rd place (EUR 300): The five - an umbrella for plants that protects them from too much rain while increasing growth.

The audience was also allowed to vote live for their favorite ideas - giving the teams a wild card for the Strascheg Award and the chance to win €30,000 in prize money in the fall. The enthusiasm was particularly high for Aliens (a smart pager that transmits patient data to hospital staff in real time and on demand.), Landlust (an app that makes it possible to offer and purchase agricultural products from the region) and OpusLux (a lamp that generates automatic biodynamic light and also has integrated light color and intensity as well as direct & indirect lighting).

Inspired by so many good ideas, we go into the weekend satisfied and already looking forward to next semester!