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Join our 3-week open online course on Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation now!

With over 30 professors, industry experts and start-up lectures, you will gain a rich insight into topics such as Entrepreneurial Personality, Design Thinking, Digital Business Models, Robotics or HCI and expand your entrepreneurial network by interacting with others. All learners can earn a certificate by passing a final test. Both the course and the certificate are free of charge.

Impressions from Participants


Participants talk about their experiences after completing the MOOC:

To better understand the mechanisms of digital transformation and how I can apply them to projects as an intrapreneur, I decided to sign up for the course. I must confess: The course absolutely exceeded all my expectations in terms of content, structure and delivery method. The platform on which the course is taught is not only easy to use, but also provides extensive knowledge through the video recordings and recommended reading material. So, if you are on the fence about signing up, I would say close your eyes and dive deep into it.

Arthur Marusevich (Juris Doctor and BA in Management)

From MOOC to Master

Michaela and Valeriya are among our first students of the new Master's program who also participated in the MOOC. Here's what they have to say about the Open Online Course:

Why did you decide to take this course?

Valeriya: I took the course as part of my Master's application because I wanted to have an insight into the subject.

Michaela: It was already clear to me that I wanted to shift my master's towards innovation/entrepreneurship. When I found out about this course, I took the opportunity to look more deeply into the subject to make sure that this was really a viable option for me as a course of study.

For which target group do you think the MOOC adds the most value?

Michaela: The greatest added value is for people who have a strong drive for self-actualization and are willing to take the steps necessary to achieve it. Be it doing something positive within a company or building something new with their own company.

Valeriya: For people who want to make a difference in life, who are willing to take responsibility and who want to constantly learn and develop.

Interested? Click here for the master!

What does MOOC mean?

Like many of the digital innovations, the concept of MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, originated in the USA. In 2008, Stephen Downs & George Siemens launched the first MOOC at the University of Manitoba with 2,300 participants worldwide, followed by Stanford, which reached 160,000 students in 2011. Since then, the number of courses on offer has been increasing, and dedicated platform providers such as edX or coursera have been founded, on which universities offer their MOOCs on a wide variety of topics.

The question is - why do universities make elaborately produced online courses available to the entire world for free? Some say marketing, international reach & representation, others take the approach that knowledge and education should be freely accessible and open to everyone.

Deliberately, the M of (M)OOC is in brackets, because for Klaus Sailer, CEO of SCE & professor at HM, the focus is not on reaching masses of 150,000 people or more. "Our ambition is to create a high-quality, innovative and digital teaching format," confirms Klaus Kreulich, Vice President for Teaching at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. "We want to train learners to become entrepreneurial individuals who help shape the digital future," both agree. "I am now finally looking forward to testing the course with real users and seeing how it is received. "It was important to me to design a course that is fun, intuitive and conveys knowledge from different perspectives," says Franziska Mattner, who is responsible for the conception & implementation of the MOOC.

Dana Schultchen Ph.D. Education
Lead Master Program

T: 089 1265 3287


Dana joined the Strascheg Center of Entrepreneurship (SCE) as Program Lead for the Deep Dive Master "Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation" in April 2022.
Previously, Dana was head of “Learning & Development” at the Ulm University. Therefore, she was responsible for the conception and implementation of various education and event formats with the focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. She is also co-founder of mindwise and works as a coach. In addition, Dana offers various seminars and workshops on the topic’s innovation, career- and personal development as well as mental health.
Dana studied psychology and received her PhD in the field of health psychology. Furthermore, she has also trained as systemic coach and SCRUM Master.

Anke Middendorf Manager
SCE Academy
SCE-Projects GmbH

T: 089 1265 3283


Anke is a Project Manager at SCE-Projects GmbH. As a teacher by education with high affinity to digital education, she is currently developing an e-learning format in collaboration with a corporate partner.

Anke graduated from the Technical University of Dresden and conducted her teacher training in Berlin. She holds various degrees including Diplom-Berufspädagogin (equivalent to Masters degree) and is a certified Blended-Learning-Designer.

Since 2013, she has focused on qualification of adults and has created, organized and implemented various formats in different contexts.