Djoon in an interview with Munich Startup

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Our start-up certificate alumni team djoon produces and sells high-quality date chocolates, offering people who focus their lifestyle on health and sustainability the opportunity not to have to choose between more enjoyment when snacking and a good conscience. Recently, the startup reached the milestone of now already over 100,000 handmade chocolates. In an interview with Munich Startup, the founding team talks about their plans.

Munich Startup: Who are you and what does Djoon do? Please introduce yourselves briefly!

Djoon: Hi, we are Djoon and our vision is to give everyone a good feeling when snacking and snacking. That's why we reinvented the praline: super delicious and at the same time organic, vegan and without added sugar!

Our team consists of Leon (28), Carolin (38) & Martin (39). Carolin and Martin are married and have three children and Leon met them while looking for a Co-Founder.

Munich Startup: What problem does your startup solve?

Djoon: We all love snacking, but unfortunately conventional sweets are fraught with many problems: too much industrial sugar, forever-long ingredient lists and opaque supply sources, especially for cocoa. We're changing that: We only use vegan organic ingredients, a maximum of 5 ingredients per variety, and everything from sustainable and partnership sources. But the most important thing: our products just taste really delicious, like a real treat (and not like giving up).

Munich Startup: But that's already been around for a long time!

Djoon: There are actually already some organic sweets. But we have set our sights on the crowning achievement of chocolate creations: the praline. And there is really nothing that can be compared to our Djoonies.

You can read the entire interview with Maximilian Feigl from Munich Startup here.