fIVE -Conversation with Claire Siegert & Victoria Arnhold, founders of Businettes, the start-up program for women.

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Why is there a need for a separate program for women who want to start a business? Claire and Victoria say, "because it's encouraging, because it makes more women dare, because it works!" So: why not? With a female founder percentage in Germany of 17.6%, we say: Courage, is the only way to change! In this podcast episode, the two female founders of Businettes tell us about their path to founding, what the Businettes program is all about, and which start-ups have already emerged from it. And yes: ALL are welcome to listen to this episode! Because: Change is only possible in cooperation. Listen now!

Businettes is the digital incubator for women who want to start up. Businettes uses digital technologies (e.g. gamification, automated start-up program) to encourage aspiring female founders in the early stages: both in believing in themselves and their own abilities, as well as professionally in all issues related to business modeling. In a 5-stage business program, the knowledge and skills of the prospective founders are developed and expanded in order to systematically and in a structured manner develop their own business idea into a marketable start-up. In addition to the business program, Businettes offers access to a community of +500 female entrepreneurs who exchange ideas online and offline, network and support each other in their projects. "You can't be, what you can't see" - is Businettes' motto and is meant to show how important it is to create role models and visibility for women in the start-up context. It is therefore all the more gratifying that several alumni startups have already successfully taken off after the program. Claire and Victoria also emphasize: "Most of our female founders want to achieve a positive impact with their business idea. We see a clear tendency there." This finding is also clearly reflected in the figures of the Female Founders Monitor, for example, or in the gender ratio in social entrepreneurship. Women who start up want to work with their business idea, not only financially and time-independent, they often draw their motivation and driving force from "making the world a little better." Credo: It pays to invest in women! Enjoy another exciting episode of fIVE!

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