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Diverse design. Does it exist? This is the question with which our host Franziska Mattner starts the conversation with Stephanie Renz and Tania Hernández. The two are founders of OH WOMAN, a multidisciplinary design studio from Munich, as well as designers of the eponymous educational game for which they won both the Red Dot Design Award and the award of Germany's Creative and Cultural Pilots in 2021. The conversation revolves around diversity, design, the question of which stereotypes they would most like to abolish and what influence our language plays in this. The quintessence of the episode is what is needed today: Openness to discussion, courage for self-reflection and change, and most importantly never lose the lightness and joy of life! Have fun listening!

O'bacht: Until the end of October you can support OH WOMAN® in their crowdfunding campaign for the second edition of the educational game: OH WOMAN® Easy explains menstruation and sexuality in easy language and with simple illustrations. Their goal is: to stimulate dialogue about one's own body, to break down social taboos, and to take away self-doubt and shame for ALL people through early playful education! It's worth listening in!

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