Puray receives EXIST founder grant

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After successfully passing Batch #6 of the SCE Start-up Certificate Accelerator and winning 1st place at the Strascheg Award 2020, in the category "Best Business Idea from Science and Practice", Puray could now announce another highlight with the receipt of the EXIST-founder grant.

The EXIST-founder grant is a funding program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. Through coaching as well as financial support, the EXIST-founder grant is an important pillar in the further development of Puray.

Puray is developing a catheter that protects patients from infections with UV-C light. It prevents the use of antibiotics, is even effective against multi-resistant pathogens and can be a real breakthrough in the fight against hospital infections. The team has filed a patent for its technology and plans to launch a company in the future.

With its innovative product, Puray has already won the Strascheg Award 2020 and the Health-i-Award 2022 from Handelsblatt and Techniker Krankenkasse. In addition to HM alumni Christina Weber and Eduardo Romero Borrero, both FK06, the founding team also includes Martin Duffner and Erick Pano.

"We are glad to have found the perfect mentor in Prof. Hanshans (FK06), an experienced infectiologist, medical engineer and head of the BioMed Lab at HM."

states co-founder Eduardo. And Martin adds:

"Moreover, the SCE and the Startup Incubator offer the perfect environment to take our project the decisive step forward".

We wish the whole team all the best and look forward to accompanying you on your exciting journey.

If you're interested in the topic or have any questions, check out their social media channels or website: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, www.puray.de

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