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Real Project about AI solutions - HM students team develops plant well-being app "GardSens".

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Reasons for more sustainability. HM students develop an app that keeps an eye on plant well-being. The app, GardSense, assists with plant care and automatically creates tasks for the community. Want to know more? Click here for the film clip of "München tut gut" with Eva Nußhart in the media center of München.TV. The founders of GardSens and team mentor Prof. Dr. Bettina Maisch, who led the entrepreneurship format"REAL PROJECT #3 AI solutions for a healthy, sustainable and inclusive city of the future" of SCE/HM together with Dr. Ulli Waltinger, are present.

Real Projects is the interdisciplinary and practice-oriented entrepreneurship teaching format for teaching entrepreneurial and responsible thinking and acting.

Urban gardening is all the rage right now. Almost every neighborhood in Munich now has communal gardens or beds where people plant and grow crops, but there is often a lack of gardening success or coordination of care. The question "Who waters when and how much?" alone presents a major challenge. Students at Munich University of Applied Sciences developed the GardSens app for this purpose. It measures the growth of the plants and automatically assigns tasks to the gardeners.

Watch the film in the München.TV media library.