Product images: (c) PR Spyra/Xiaomi

Product images: (c) PR Spyra/Xiaomi

Spyra vs. Xiaomi: Media report - tech giant Xiaomi enters water gun business and allegedly infringes Spyra property rights

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Soon the new water gun season will start - good news for SCE Startup Alumni Spyra, whose patented and multiply protected high-tech water guns enjoy great popularity. But this market also sparks covetousness. Spyra has already felt this clearly in the past, when the water pistols were often confronted with product piracy - especially by counterfeit products from the Far East. Now tech giant Xiaomi has announced its entry into the water gun business. This means that the debate about Spyra's intellectual property rights may be entering a decisive round.

The Spyra water gun is a high-tech gadget in a class of its own. Now the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, known for its smartphones and electronics product range, announces that it will launch the Xiaomi "Mijia Pulse Gun", a water gun that is very similar to the Spyra Watergun in both form and function.

Spyra holds over 100 IP rights and has invested a seven-figure amount in its IP protection portfolio. "This includes patents, design patents, utility patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs," says Sebastian Walter, Spyra CEO and founder. "We've put a lot of money into these matters here from the beginning, which is unusual for the toy industry. Most companies might file a patent once in a while, but this dense portfolio is rare."

Especially in China, there has been a high number of copied imitations of the Spyra development in a short time, Sebastian continues. Since they launched the Spyra One, the Spyra team has had an absolutely wild history, he says: "We developed a zero tolerance strategy and went into confrontation so as not to give away our core markets."

In the U.S., China, Korea and the EU, Spyra has since successfully litigated and won cases, invalidating opposing IP rights, seizing goods and freezing accounts. Now a dispute with tech giant Xiaomi is on the horizon. Perhaps with the launch of the "Mijia Pulse Gun" by Xiaomi, the conflict over Spyra's intellectual property rights is now entering the decisive round.

Numerous media, such as CHIP, BILD, W&V, GIGA and Computerbild, have already reported on this.

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