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Co-create your digital transformation strategy

with an interdisciplinary student team working full-time for three semesters on your challenge

Designing solutions for the digital world

The working world but also our personal lives are changing faster than ever before, making continuous innovation and open, creative processes necessary to shape our increasingly digital future. This works best if we gather interdisciplinary teams, skills and methods for a co-creating journey. The Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship has been coaching innovation projects with companies for more than 15 years. What we learned from this experience is that a dedicated and structured process helps to create validated solutions.

In the master program Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation students from diverse backgrounds apply entrepreneurship methods and knowledge about digital technologies to develop innovative business models and strategies. This co-creation process will not only provide you with new perspectives and insights but also enriches your corporate innovation and entrepreneurship culture.

Leaders in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) acts as the central point of contact for students of the Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation.
It offers education and research programs based on the SCE mission to promote entrepreneurial thinking and action among graduates and academic staff. In 2018, MUAS together with its affiliate entrepreneurship center was ranked second place among Germany’s large universities with regard to start-up support and the development of entrepreneurship culture (Gründungsradar).

Your starting point

  • Do you have a digital innovation challenge, but no time, means or staff to work on it full-time? 
  • Are you stuck with a project and searching for a different perspective from a research-oriented environment? 
  • Could your employees benefit from new knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation methodologies?

How we support you

  • We apply state-of-the art know-how and ensure scientific supervision.
  • The team provides new perspectives and innovative ideas for your problem.
  • The team validates the solution and design a sustainable business model.

Your benefits

  • You get fresh and unbiased perspectives from external innovation teams.
  • You learn about cutting-edge innovation methodologies and tools.
  • You gain access to scientific research, institutions, and scholars.
  • You can use a pipeline for young, dynamic and passionate talents.

Master program Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation

  • first interdisciplinary master's program with 5 faculties of HM involved
  • international, innovative and project-based master program
  • courses on entrepreneurship, digital technologies and business models, plus additional elective modules
  • preparatory open online course at


Project focus in the master's program

  • design of solutions and business models for your challenge
  • customized project plan with in-depth problem analysis, MVP, finance planning and more
  • documentation of the entire approach and results in a master's thesis


Which project should be selected?

  • We help you to specify the project description so that it can grow into a joint success story.
  • Together we clarify your goals and expectations.



Michael Hack Head of Corporate Development

T: +49 89 1265 3236

M: +49 174 8386565


Michael Hack, Dipl.Wirt.Ing., is head of Corporate Development at the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE).

Michael graduated as an industrial engineer from Stuttgart Media University. After many years as an entrepreneur in the printing industry, he sold his printing companies in order to look for new challenges. He is now focused on promoting education, training, innovation and entrepreneurship. In his own management consultancy for strategy and marketing, he helped young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

With publications in leading printing magazines and print media issues in the field and as an expert in strategy and marketing, he has an established reputation in the printing industry. He is also a speaker at conferences and events.

Michael's main areas of focus are the promotion of economic relationships, the sponsors and patrons of the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and the development of a new culture of education.