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The future will be different, we need a Freiraum (translates: free space)!



Freiraum is SCE's accelerator concept. Specific to individual companies or industries, we develop a concept to address the strategic innovation and development challenges of companies.

Company partners develop the innovation question together with experienced co-creation consultants of the SCEs and the SCE Projects. On this basis, suitable start-ups are identified and corporate development is accelerated in order to pilot and implement new business models, products or processes. The intensity of co-creation ranges from information exchange and inspiration to client venturing, equity investments and JV development.

A concrete example is the DICA Accelerator, which supports start-up projects in the field of beverage innovation, or Innovation Cologne Harbor, which poses the question of river logistics.

Freiraum Accelerator Brochure

SCE Freiraum Accelerator Brochure