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Smart jewelry with automatic fall detection for your parents and grandparents

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SCE Accelerator incl. Start-up Certificate, KickStart@HM, EXIST



XTRPY (formerly aephus) is smart jewelry with automatic fall detection function, which, through modern design and optimal ease of use, addresses especially those users who are deterred by existing products due to technical overload and aesthetic inhibitions. XTRPY conveys a feeling of security and increases the self-confidence for one's own mobility in everyday life. The aim is to give wearers and relatives a feeling of security, minimize serious injuries and deaths, and thus improve the quality of care. In the long term, the team plans to use the data gained from falls to develop an A.I.-based fall prediction system, which can be used to prevent falls altogether.

XTRPY (pronounced extropy) is a term from philosophy and stands for the continuous improvement of human living conditions.

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