fIVE - The Podcast on Female Entrepreneurship

Hey girls, do you wanna start a business? fIVE is our podcast on female entrepreneurship!

fIVE is a monthly university podcast offered by SCE and HM - Munich University of Applied Sciences. The show is hosted  by Franziska Mattner, a female entrepreneur, learning designer and researcher in the field of female entrepreneurship herself. "I strongly believe in diversity! Not only is it so much more fun and exciting with the variety in food, cultures,places, ways of living, learning, creating and doing things. But there is also the need of seeing and understanding our world from different perspectives to be aware of possibilities and shortages of the societies we’re living in. It’s this desire to explore – that we all have in us, to see new things, and yes, to be curious to see  what’s around the next corner.”

Did you know that the German start-up scene has 16% women, of which more  than half try to make a positive societal impact with their start-ups? fIVE features inspiring women from diverse backgrounds, who want to make an impact with what they’re doing. We will unfold their stories, raise discussions, create awareness and present female role models. fIVE is about their passion, motivation and their journeys and wants to spark your interest!

Research (e.g. social learning theory) shows that we often learn best, when we can relate to others - learning by and from others. Role models have shown positive effects, also in the field of entrepreneurship education. The podcast is for everyone; from professors to PhD candidates to founders, scientists and investors - we’re grateful for all the support, the personal stories and enthusiasm to create a colourful, diverse and vibrant entrepreneurial community!

Enjoy the show!

Here you find the recent and all episodes of our monthly podcast: