entreTime - "Why entrepreneurship matters"

The entreTime is a three-month train-the-trainer programme, following the philosophy of “teaching through entrepreneurship” and applying the framework of EntreComp.

The training programme is an excellent learning experience for improving an educator's personal development, understanding the value of entrepreneurial competences as practical life skills, and triggering entrepreneurial spirit and societal responsibility among the participating educators and their enterprising students.

entreTime’s methodology embraces experiential learning to build skills and attitudes such as problem-solving, human empathy, teamwork, communication, self-efficacy, adaptability and resilience.

For more information about the project see: www.entretime.sce.de

For the online course see: www.entretime.eu

The development of entreTime programme was funded bei EISMEA, under contract no. EASME/COSME/2018-020.

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