CircON starts test phases with reusable packaging in cinemas in Stuttgart

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Ever thought about reusable bowls for popcorn and nachos at the cinema? Our start-up certificate alumni CircOn from Batch #7 has done just that, and wants to ensure more sustainability in cinemas. Since October 2022, they have started the first test phases with reusable packaging in the Central cinema in Ludwigsburg and in the city center cinemas in Stuttgart. Together, the 3 cinemas will switch to 50% reusable in the first round.

CircON offers its reusable solution specially adapted for cinemas. They benefit from the fact that from January 1, 2023, the Packaging Act will require cinemas, cafés, restaurants and bistros to offer reusable containers for takeaway drinks and food so that guests have a choice between disposable and reusable solutions.

With dishwasher-safe white plastic bowls, CircOn aims to reduce waste and cut costs from disposable packaging, bringing circular economy to the cinema. We wish good luck and a good experience!

You can find a detailed article on"Grünes".

© Photo: Claus Wollenschläger/ Central & Union Fimtheater