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Fields of Innovation & Industries

As the start-up center of a major German university and a training ground for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, we use our partner networks, in-depth vertical expert knowledge from research and science, and systemic thinking to drive entrepreneurial activities. We are particularly active in our Key Innovation Areas.

These focus topics are incorporated into our practice-oriented training programs and teaching content. In these areas, we initiate co-creation and innovation projects and support the creation and scaling of startups.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has enormous potential to positively shape the economy and society. Used correctly, we can all benefit from artificial intelligence systems. Startups are already using AI to solve social problems. For example, artificial intelligence can be used to monitor forests from space to intervene in time in the event of forest fires. AI can also be used to calculate the CO2 sequestration potential of a forest on the basis of aerial photo data so that it can then be managed more sustainably in a targeted manner. With our regional project "AI+Munich", we and our partners want to increase the number of startups in the field of artificial intelligence in the Munich metropolitan region by initiating entrepreneurial projects and scouting existing projects and startups and supporting them on their way to the market.

Artificial Intelligence

Creative Industries




It is often not easy for self-employed creative artists to make a living from their work. It is often not a lack of creative ideas, but a lack of practical know-how about start-ups and self-employment, local and international networking, and entrepreneurial self-confidence. Creative practitioners, both nationally and internationally, often apply a project funding logic that is not entrepreneurial. But how does creative entrepreneurship work? What opportunities and prospects can creative artists have at home and abroad? These are the questions that SCE has been asking itself together with the Goethe-Institut. Funded by the German Foreign Office, they developed possible funding models in the two-year Cultural Entrepreneurship Hubs project that enable artists to work independently and network internationally. Cultural Entrepreneurship Hubs were piloted at five Goethe-Institut locations worldwide.

Cultural Entrepreneurship Hubs

Food & Beverages

Our nutrition and food production are two keys to a sustainable and fairer world. Food tech, food technologies, supply chains & logistics, packaging industry, flavors and aromas are some of the exciting topics we deal with - for example in our accelerator program Drink Innovation Campus. Here we scout promising product or business ideas, support talented entrepreneurs and bring start-ups together with innovative companies for joint co-creation projects.

Drink Innovation Campus

Health & Wellbeing

Medical innovations and speed in the development of active substances are essential, as we have known not only since the pandemic. In order to develop innovative products and services in the field of medical technology, biotechnology or healthcare services, it is necessary for companies, the public health sector, hospital operators, health insurance companies to work together with start-ups, innovation experts and investors.

However, there is more to well-being than the absence of illness. By wellbeing, we mean important factors that determine individual quality of life. Important issues here include, for example, the future of work, the provision of care for dependents, the existence and quality of recreational facilities and areas and leisure activities, and not least an intact local environment such as noise and air pollution.

Manufacturing & Materials

Materials, mechanical engineering and manufacturing industry are important research focal points at Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences. Through its Education activities, SCE together with EIT Manufacturing seeks to empower Europe with people who are capable and inspired to shape the future of manufacturing. 

Besides education EIT Manufacturing and SCE have joined forces to promote innovation and entrepreneurship through start-up support and networking activities. EIT Manufacturing will provide coaching and mentoring services, while SCE will scout talents and start-ups in manufacturing. Jointly they support start-up development with their resources and bringing the innovation to the market.

There will also be jointly organised events and programmes as well as workshops for small and medium sized companies about scouting start-ups and promoting innovation.

SCE & EIT Manufacturing joined forces

Mobility and living spaces


The mobility revolution is in full swing. It is crucial for the prosperity of our country and also for our Munich ecosystem that Germany's strongest economic sector can successfully shape and benefit from this change. Innovations and new business models are crucial for more sustainable, efficient and socially just mobility. Mobility significantly shapes our living spaces, the relationship between urban and rural areas and our way of life - urban or rural. New developments in these areas often relate directly to the question: How do we want to live?

Mobility and living spaces in our Real Projects