fIVE Female Entrepreneurship Podcast: in conversation with Penny Schiffer, Co-Founder & CEO

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In the first episode of the new year, we welcome Penny Schiffer. Penny is Co-Founder & CEO Venture capital, bootstrapping or when is the best time to invest in a startup? In this informative episode, we dive into the world of venture capital and what matters to investor:s when investing in startups. Penny Schiffer, who co-founded with Thomas Schulz, was previously an investor herself and knows what matters in the screening process. Penny explains all the technical terms in an easy-to-understand way and shares with us exciting impressions from her own investor roadshow in Silicon Valley.Listen now!

How could the investment screening process for startups be optimized through AI? This is the question the team around Penny Schiffer, co-founder of, is addressing. Together with Thomas Schulz, who now lives and works in Spain, the two are building their own startup. They bring years of venture capital experience to the table and therefore know exactly what matters to investor:ins when looking for suitable startups. We talk about their idea, what it means to build a start-up when you are not in the same place and what a look at the USA teaches us. A very exciting and informative conversation with a great entrepreneur.

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