fIVE discussion with Julia Post (Munich City Councilor) and Carola Vogel (Head of Qualification SEA) about social entrepreneurship.

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Social entrepreneurship, generating impact - terms that you hear all the time, but are not necessarily tangible. That's why we invited two experts from politics and education who can tell us a lot from a professional point of view: Julia Post, Munich city councilor and honorary board member of the Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany (SEND) and Carola Vogel, head of the qualification department of the Social Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA). Together we will get to the bottom of the questions: What distinguishes social entrepreneurship from entrepreneurship? Where are the challenges, and what can politics do in concrete terms? Listen now!

Social entrepreneurship is primarily about solving social problems through entrepreneurship. Some companies are already doing this successfully, such as Recup, SocialBee and Tomorrow Bank. If you also take a look at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Munich's Vision 2030, it becomes clear that social entrepreneurship is important for achieving our social goals. It is interesting to note that the proportion of female founders in the social entrepreneurship sector is 50% - a massive difference to the proportion of women in the entire start-up scene. Even in 2021, the proportion of startups in Germany founded by women was only 17.7%. This shows how important female founders are for our social future and goals, as they tend to be more likely to launch social-ecological business ideas - another reason why women should be promoted even more in the startup sector. Julia and Carola emphasize that this sector in particular has a lot of potential for innovation. And they would like to see the hurdles encountered openly communicated to policymakers. Ultimately, change also involves courage: "Set out and you will be rewarded." Enjoy another exciting episode of fIVE!

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