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hydesk launches second product on crowdfunding platform StartNext

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The startup hydesk is launching a second product a year after its successful Kickstarter campaign: a laptop stand and vertical storage in one. This time on the German crowdfunding platform StartNext. Get your hydesk Multistand now:

Since surpassing its Kickstarter goal by 300% a year ago with the portable standing desk converter, the hydesk team has been busy tackling not one, but two workplace-related problems: The hunched sitting posture in front of the laptop as well as the untidy desk. In many realities of life, these challenges find its place. People either work hunched over the laptop or resort to books or a crate to raise the laptop a bit, which in turn affects the aesthetics of the room. Also, at the end of the workday, the desk is untidy, with electronic devices lying around and taking up a lot of space.

The hydesk Multistand offers itself as a solution here. It elevates the laptop so users don't have to bend over, looks much better than a stack of books, and provides storage space for the laptop, headphones, and many other devices at the end of the day. Daniel Brunsteiner, co-founder of hydesk, states, "This is what sets the hydesk Multistand apart from other laptop stands. After work is done, you simply turn it up 90° and you can put the laptop in there, as well as all the other devices, sheets and files you have lying around. And then future clients can enjoy the tidy desk for the rest of the day."

However, the elegance of the Multistand design only becomes apparent when the user realizes that it consists of only 4 pieces, all milled out of one board. This minimizes material waste and greatly simplifies assembly. In addition, as you would expect from hydesk, the Multistand is 100% handmade in Germany by local family businesses. Storage and shipping is managed by a social workshop facility. "Supporting local businesses and people in need of special affection are principles of our philosophy and we will definitely stick to that," says Finian Carey, co-founder of hydesk.

The hydesk Multistand will launch on the German crowdfunding platform StartNext at the end of May 2022. The hydesk team aims to sell 150 Multistands at a reduced price of 39 euros instead of the retail price of 69 euros. If you are interested, you can join the waiting list at

About hydesk

hydesk is a D2C startup that rethinks sustainable furniture design and develops products for mobile and flexible working customers. In 2021, the startup debuted hydesk, a portable standing desk converter named after the company. The hydesk design approach is to balance sustainability, simplicity and aesthetics, with a focus on making socially responsible and sustainable products for a mobile work environment.

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