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OMIND platform secures financing round

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The OMIND platform promotes an "Open Innovation Mindset" and is the first scalable transformation tool that enables companies to assess and develop the innovation readiness of their employees. Now, the SCE-funded startup has secured BW Pre-Seed funding from L-Bank Staatsbank of Baden-Württemberg! In addition, the two business angels Jan Griesbach and Sebastian Reckers are also involved.

OMIND platform is a digital platform that establishes an Open Innovation Mindset between employees and enables companies to share knowledge and collaborate across organizations. Following the motto "Only what is measured can be improved", the start-up offers an employee-centric platform that promises automated data collection and analysis, assessment of the employee open innovation mindset, measurement of knowledge sharing between employees, and demand-driven and gamified HR practices.

As a result, OMIND platform gamifies incentives, promotes motivation, and provides rewards for employees to participate in Open Innovation. This establishes a sustainable Open Innovation mindset among employees inside and outside the company.

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