MBPW_Group picture winner 2_Photo by Andreas Gebert

MBPW_Group picture winner 2_Photo by Andreas Gebert

Puray convinces in Munich Business Plan Competition Phase 1

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Developing new business ideas and preparing them according to business management criteria is an important process in building a company. Startups that want to get off to a fast start on the market in particular need dynamic and strategic business planning. Ten startups from the fields of medical technology, renewable energies and B2B software solutions have now been able to convince the jury of their business concepts in the first of three phases in the Munich Business Plan Competition 2023 of the startup network BayStartUP. The winning teams receive professional expert feedback and recognition totaling 5,000 euros. Among them SCE Start-up League team Puray which convinced the jury with its innovative medical technology. For more than 25 years, BayStartUP's Munich Business Plan Competition has been a springboard for start-ups on their way to becoming growth companies.

Medical technology, renewable energies and B2B hardware and software solutions were at the top of the competition this year. As usual, some strong concepts and technologies from the Munich start-up scene came from the fields of medical technology and healthcare management. Start-up League team Puray, which is developing a new type of medical catheter that protects patients from hospital-acquired infections with the help of UVC light, is also in this field. Using UV radiation, the Puray catheter actively and continuously disinfects during the treatment period. It effectively eliminates all known viruses and bacteria - including multi-resistant germs - while being harmless to patients and medical staff. In this way, catheter-associated urinary tract infections can be prevented proactively and without the use of antibiotics.

The DeepTech theme for which startups from Munich are so well known is also evident in the submissions to this year's competition. Participant teams from the state capital are particularly strong here, especially from the university environment. Overall, however, we see a pronounced diversity of industries among the participants, who come from all over Upper Bavaria," says Fabian Brunner, Head of Munich Business Plan Competition.

The other winners are Energyminer and Otter Energy Trading, which impressed with their approaches to hydropower and solar power. In addition to Puray, RYVER.AI, Sedivention and Viable Surgery also impressed with innovative medical technology. And with software and technologies for industrial and business customers, for example in the field of food technology and 3D printing, additive electronics, audivio, Data Q Company and Harmonize made it into the top ten.

The entire press release and more information on all winners and nominees can be found at BayStartup.de.

With the Businessplan competition on the way to the market entrance - applications in phase 2 still up to 28. March Start-ups from Munich and completely south Bavaria can work out now in the second phase of the competition their plans further: After the approx. 7-page business sketch from phase 1, an approx. 20-page business plan is now required, which should focus more on the marketing and sales strategy. Participants from Phase 1 as well as newcomers can register and submit their documents until March 28. All information finds interested under www.baystartup.de/businessplan-wettbewerbe.


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