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Start of batch #9 in the SCE Accelerator

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A warm welcome to our new batch in the SCE Accelerator! We are happy to assist the founders with their innovative and exciting start-up projects in the next months.

For the 20 newly accepted start-ups, we offer intensive coaching, incubator workspace, infrastructure, prototyping budget, workshops, access to experts and much more in an intensive 24-week accelerator program tailored for founders.

Congratulations to the teams and we are looking forward to intensive weeks in our SCE Accelerator!

The following ideas have convinced us and are now part of HM & SCE's Start-up League:


Anisai is revolutionizing the way tourists explore cities and engage with local businesses by allowing users to interact with the environment through AR-powered animations.

NextWeek by B&M Technology offers workflow management and communication software to accompany small and medium-sized companies on their digitization, automation, and optimization journey.

The core idea of Breathing Bricks is to create products that easily integrate plants into urban environments to enable a greener city.

Cellva, from Brazil, requires only a small sample of animal tissue, taken painlessly, without inconvenience and without slaughter only once, to offer an animal-friendly fat cultivation process.

Compas Solutions develops digital models for small and medium enterprises that simplify complex products, such as servo motors, fuel cells, etc., to speed up product development.

ComplyMarket is a centralized platform that helps buyers and suppliers find product-compliant components and materials and meet compliance requirements for various markets.

Confly is a software-as-a-service offering that makes it easy for freelancers to create a configuration interface for end customers.

Ego allows healthcare professionals to help patients with depression, anxiety, or panic by monitoring, in real-time, emotions and dysthymia.

By using Greenlist as your grocery shopping app, you´ll find the most sustainable products within your budget for you. is the first innovative solution that combines smart smartwatch data analytics with simplified nutrition monitoring to improve their vitality and well-being.

With the Landheld platform, farmers and local producers can create their own digital farm store in just a couple of minutes.

The community driven durability label IMAGIFY by LoConsumer democratizes post-purchase quality control and creates transparency about product durability.

MeGlasses Sports is an application for smart glasses that are used to do sports, by using Augmented Reality technology.

Punkki Brush develops an innovative tick brush that can be filled with oil, providing dog owners with a unique, sustainable and healthy tick protection solution.

SmartAIs offers smart glasses for blind and visually impaired people, which make the dependence on assistance redundant in everyday life and accordingly improve the safety and mobility of these people.

The smart hanger from Smarter Kleiderbügel is a smart support for the checkroom in venues by connecting the hangers with the guests' smartphones.

SonicCare revolutionizes the way healthcare professionals monitor the health status, using sonification technology, of their patients.

The start-up Systemisches Bauen 4.0 is developing an innovative and sustainable lightweight construction system for the building industry. 

TRYUP! combines a digital product selection solution with a flexible Product-as-a-Service model. The appropriate sports equipment can then be subscribed to for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Urbacomp produces the tools for easy and convenient local composting for households living in urban areas.


We look forward to an exciting journey with these motivated founders:inside who want to make a difference!

Read more about the teams and other great start-up projects of the Start-up League here.

You want to be part of the Start-up League yourself? Then apply for batch #10 by July 2023. Interested? More information here.