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Start of batch #8 in the start-up certificate of HM SCE!

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A warm welcome to our new batch "Hyperactive Toddlers" in the Start-up Certificate funding program! We are looking forward to supporting the founders with their innovative and exciting start-up projects in the coming months.

We offer the 15 newly accepted start-ups intensive coaching, jobs in the incubator, infrastructure, prototyping budget, workshops, access to the expert network and much more in the form of an intensive 24-week accelerator program tailored for founders.

Congratulations to the teams and we are looking forward to intensive weeks in our Start-up Certificate Accelerator!

The following ideas have convinced us and are now part of HM & SCE's Start-up League:

Clearchain is a blockchain-based traceability system. The team takes care of critical points in the supply chain of agricultural and food products.

EASY FOOD is an automated supermarket where all weekly purchases can be made in a time-saving manner and around the clock.

ecomates develops a compact biogas plant, the Smart Degrader. This converts biowaste produced directly on site into combustible gas, which is used as a natural gas substitute for heating or cooking.

Future Weeks is an action-learning program for corporate sustainability in action. Using an innovative micro-engagement approach, Future Weeks is best suited for busy schedules.

GasVisor measures gas cylinder levels and provides a consumption-driven ordering process aimed at creating a more efficient and sustainable supply chain in the hospitality industry.

LaGaCon is a newly developed serious game concept that combines foreign language learning and streaming series in a collaborative platform.

I3-Earth is a Web3 startup that sets big visions in identity, ownership and utility, creating a new space in the NFT sector to simplify blockchain processes for every user.

MEDEA Biopharma is the new generation of sustainable, precise and safe antibacterial solutions, solving the problem of antimicrobial resistance.

micro factory is a fully automated production unit for thermoset components targeting industry and home users.

numi. is a SaaS solution for consumer goods brands that enables intelligent and user-friendly take-back of used products.

Point Twelve Energy supports the commercial success of manufacturers of green hydrogen and its derivatives. With a single platform to track, certify, optimize and monetize their decarbonization efforts.

puppet lets its users easily create augmented reality scenes with their smartphone.

Simple Crypto as the first app learning product, from an app development company specializing in gamified e-learning for financial education, is an easy-to-understand app course on cryptocurrencies.

Sportana is a social app that helps sports enthusiasts find nearby sports partners and activities.

Tillify offers custom, photo-realistic wall decorations with self-shot images made from Lego via intuitive mobile app.


We look forward to an exciting journey with these motivated founders:inside who want to make a difference!

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You want to be part of the Start-up League? Then apply until 16.01.2023 for Start-up Certificate Batch #9. Interested? More information here.

If you can't get enough of start-ups, don't miss the Night of the Start-up League at the Innovation Café on 25.10.2022, 18:00 - 20:00! See our start-up teams on stage and enjoy over 30 pitches and lightning panels with the founders:inside! Event registration here.