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The 2021 Strascheg Award ceremony took place on Nov. 17 as part of the HM E'ship Summit. Here you can watch the award ceremony in a video stream during the HM E'ship Summit. The Strascheg Award nominee teams pitched their ideas and the 9 winning teams from the 3 categories were selected and celebrated. They can look forward to a total prize money of 30.000€! The Strascheg Award is the ideas competition of the Munich University of Applied Sciences. For each category, the first to third place idea will receive 5.000€, 3.000€ and 2.000€.

The following 18 nominees presented their business ideas to the audience at the Strascheg Award ceremony during the HM E'ship Summit. You will soon be able to watch the award ceremony in video recording here . More detailed information about the teams will follow soon.

Strascheg Award ceremony took place during the HM E'ship Summit on 17.11.2021.

The winner:s and nominee teams:

Category 1 "Best business idea from a course":


1. SPACE is a stackable hydroponics system that allows farmers to make economic use of increasingly scarce open space.

2. dartme. is a smart, electro-mechanical attachment for dartboards that uses an intelligent camera system based on neural networks to capture statistics and performance and enable virtual dart tournaments.

3. INNOMIND. provides a Market Research-as-a-Service platform for companies in the FMCG industry to generate fast and representative customer feedback.

Also nominated were:

innovest is a platform that enables investment in venture capital and thus in startups for business angels as well as private investors.

Savernose is a smart e-nose that uses sensors and artificial intelligence to report which foods are at risk of spoiling in homes and businesses.

ChatSafe is an AI solution to protect children online from cybergrooming, (sexual) abuse and sharing inappropriate content by analyzing their chat conversations in real time

Category 2 "Best Business Idea in Student Time":


1. Advogarde helps lawyers and clients efficiently resolve cases through document and workflow automation.

2. Expeerify offers school graduates a gap-year program with projects, internships and coaching to enable them to start social and sustainable jobs.

3. Traindoo is a holistic system for professional trainers and exercise therapists to plan, track and analyze their clients' training.

Also nominated were:

HoliRate is a review platform that rates travel based on sustainability criteria, making it easier for tourists to go greener on vacation by highlighting alternatives.

ORATIS is the first spiritual dating app focused on inner values. ORATIS finds love through the stars and does not differentiate between genders and age groups. Each person is welcome as they are.

Bamboo enables easy planning and execution of citizen participation for municipalities to make citizen-centered decisions.

Category 3 "Best Business Idea from Science and Practice":

1. omegga is using light spectroscopy to develop a non-invasive solution for the in ovo sexing of chicken embryos before the day they feel pain (brooding day 7) to save millions of male chicks from being killed and thus offer German laying hen farms a legally compliant and future-proof alternative to the resource-intensive rearing of brother cocks in the future.

2. hospichef is a software solution for food ordering in hospitals, which minimizes food waste, increases patient satisfaction and gives employees back time for medical care.

3. AgraCheck is the platform for digital agricultural products that helps farmers to digitize.

Also nominated were:

Aventurine Digital Assets is a robo advisor that provides greater stability in wealth accumulation for private investors across all asset classes.

CircON offers reusable packaging solutions for the to-go sector to reduce widespread packaging waste and relieve German waste management associations at urban hotspots. Customers are offered an appealing reusable packaging solution to help them comply with new packaging laws.

MiDele is an innovative product and service offering for caregivers of people with dementia to improve social participation and reduce stress.

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