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Certificate Entrepreneurship in Teaching by BayZiel & SCE

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Anchoring entrepreneurship in teaching - subject certificate launched for all Bavarian university teachers. Innovations result from application-oriented research at universities. In order for ideas to become successful companies, entrepreneurial skills and a corresponding mindset are necessary. For the development of the necessary future competencies, it is important to anchor entrepreneurship as a cross-sectional topic at universities. In order to enable teachers to incorporate entrepreneurship into their teaching and thus enrich the motivation of students, their competence development and their own teaching practice, BayZiel and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship at Munich University of Applied Sciences are jointly offering a subject certificate for Bavarian professors and lecturers.

The 3-month certificate program is explicitly designed for teachers from all disciplines and backgrounds. The interactive program is offered in a flexible, hybrid format and provides an intensive introduction and experience-based deepening of content, methods and processes from entrepreneurship teaching. In this way, lecturers are enabled to further develop their own teaching formats in a project-based and innovative way and to expand their own entrepreneurship competencies.

17 university lecturers from a wide range of academic disciplines successfully completed the first topic certificate from April to July 2023. In the future, the certificate will be offered every summer semester.

"We are very pleased to be able to offer a topic certificate in the important and future-relevant topic of entrepreneurship and to further strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset in academic teaching. Bavarian universities already have many excellent offerings that will be further expanded in the future," says Prof. Dr. Robert Ott, Scientific Director of Practice and Transfer at BayZiel.

The program was judged by all participants to be very successful and helpful for future teaching. The supervision by the coaches of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship and own experiential learning while developing ideas for a pitch were positively evaluated. The SCE has many years of experience in developing teach-the-teacher programs on a European level and in conducting entrepreneurship trainings for European entrepreneurship teachers. The Entrepreneurship Center at Munich University of Applied Sciences sees itself as a thought leader and co-designer of a European understanding of entrepreneurship.

"We are happy to support BayZiel in its goal of continuously improving university didactics at all Bavarian universities of applied sciences. And we are equally pleased about the further cross-disciplinary anchoring of entrepreneurship at universities," says Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer, Managing Director of the SCE at Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences.

More information on the Entrepreneurship in Teaching topic certificate:

Impressions of participants can be found in this video:

The BayZiel is a joint institution under the auspices of the Bavarian universities of applied sciences and technical universities. The BayZiel bundles activities of the universities in the areas of "qualification and didactics", "teaching and learning research" as well as "practice and transfer". It is geared toward long-term institutionalized cooperation between the universities in the area of innovative teaching and, with its approximately 20 employees, supports about 6,000 teachers .

The Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) at Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences offers educational and research programs in the field of entrepreneurship, promotes start-ups, innovation processes and the development of entrepreneurial personalities. The internationally networked SCE supports start-ups from science and accompanies young companies from idea development to marketable innovation. In addition, it supports companies in breaking new ground and cooperating strategically with start-ups. With its activities, the SCE contributes to actively shaping the future of our society and to establishing a comprehensive start-up culture .

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