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Start-ups of the Start-up League

All start-ups currently supported at SCE together form the Start-up League.


gutfeel is a market research-as-a-service platform to make market research and testing fast, easy and efficient for companies in the FMCG industry.

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Hebio offers intelligent logistics solutions.

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Heuß has developed an innovative product 'Hangeuß' to help students deal with cluttered rooms and lost objects.

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HoliRate - How green is your trip?

Our idea is a rating platform that analyzes travel based on sustainability criteria and makes it easier for…

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hyperdrives - keeping electric motors cool

hyperdrives has developed electric motors with greatly improved cooling. The coolant is fed directly…

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i3-Earth - Make it yours

i3-Earth is a Web3 startup that has big visions in identity, ownership and utility, creating a new space in the NFT sector…

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At ILMAZU, our app helps artists, creatives, and those connected to the arts build sustainable audiences and access spaces and resources on their…

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Jetztpat's service helps companies that have a high workload when hiring employees abroad to reduce bureaucracy and increase employee retention…

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The healthy and delicious soda alternative. #schadelimonade

Kombuchery is on a mission to change the way people refresh themselves and revolutionize…

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KTW Technology

Sustainability and efficiency enhancement in the beverage industry

In line with our SpaceTech4PlanetEarth vision, we transfer innovations from space…

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LaGaCon – The adventurous way to learn a foreign language fluently 

LaGaCon is a new developed serious game concept that combines learning a foreign…

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Landheld – Find all local products near you

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Leafact helps large companies which lack in common understanding of how to implement sustainability reduce uncoordinated actions and develop…

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Users of language learning apps are often frustrated by content that is either too difficult, too easy, or irrelevant to them. LingoBlitz solves this…

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MEDEA Biopharma

MEDEA Biopharma – Next Generation of Sustainable & Advanced Antimicrobials

MEDEA Biopharma revolutionizes the antimicrobial industry, providing a new…

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MeGlasses Sports

MeGlasses Sports – the Augmented Reality app for smart glasses that encourages the motivation for sport

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Metraspace - Mobility as a Service, convenient and underground

Metraspace is public transport without waiting and stopovers, it solves the many…

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micro factory

micro factory - fast, high-quality serial parts at the push of a button

micro factory is a fully automated production unit for duroplastic components…

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MYLK - The world's most sustainable oat milk.

MYLK develops a POS oat drink hydration machine that saves significant emissions and costs in the value…

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nadar - early warning system to detect forest degradation.

nadar provides an early warning system to detect changes in forest health using satellite…

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