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Start-ups of the Start-up League

All start-ups currently supported at SCE together form the Start-up League.


hatched offers a cofounder matching software that helps incubators and accelerators grow the number of startups within their portfolio

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Hebio offers intelligent logistics solutions.

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Heuß has developed an innovative product 'Hangeuß' to help students deal with cluttered rooms and lost objects.

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At ILMAZU, our app helps artists, creatives, and those connected to the arts build sustainable audiences and access spaces and resources on their…

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Jetztpat's service helps companies that have a high workload when hiring employees abroad to reduce bureaucracy and increase employee retention…

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At Joborga, we prioritize efficiency and convenience to make your job search and applications less stressful.

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Leafact helps large companies which lack in common understanding of how to implement sustainability reduce uncoordinated actions and develop…

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Users of language learning apps are often frustrated by content that is either too difficult, too easy or irrelevant for them. LingoBlitz solves this…

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Medabsy offers a web software that helps system integrators in machine vision to save time and costs when creating machine vision systems.

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micro factory

micro factory - fast, high-quality serial parts at the push of a button

micro factory is a fully automated production unit for duroplastic components…

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If you simply want coffee quickly and without compromise, OLES Coffee is the right choice

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OurRisks is a collaborative risk management as a service cloud solution that provides users with a comprehensive and continuously updated risk…

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PACKMATISCH – The automated grocery store where you can easily buy cheap products all the time

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At Puppet, our enhanced language model service assists organizations and individuals facing hurdles in accessing specialized and archived knowledge.

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Puray - self-disinfecting catheter to prevent infections

Urinary tract infections caused by catheters are among the most common hospital-acquired…

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At Reachaus, we aim to make sure “Best service providers Reach your home”.

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ROBOTe Industrial


ROBOTe Industrial develops systems for the automated surface finishing of complex geometries for tool making.

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SALGI - Sustainable water desalination with algae

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As a multifunctional bike, the № from SAYLEcycle manages the balancing act between cargo bike and bicycle both visually and technically

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SettleEasy is an AI-powered platform that helps expatriates and international students settle in Germany.

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