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SCE Startup Portfolio


steptics - we provide access to high-performance prostheses for people worldwide

Steptics uses a patented, industrialized and automated manufacturing…

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Storytile - We digitize events

Storytile has been organizing and digitizing events for well-known clients worldwide since 2015. With their own event…

find out more - High quality kids clothes in a monthly subscription

The Kids clothing box from rents out high-quality brand-name children's…

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Sub Capitals

Sub Capitals is the financial services company democratizing artificial intelligence for private investors.

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SwitchBoomBang - The multifunctional training door for emergency forces

SwitchBoomBang is a multifunctional training door which, due to its modular…

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We develop a system for optical quality control, which is able to solve complex tasks with the help of artificial intelligence.

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Systemisches Bauen 4.0

Systemisches Bauen 4.0 - develops an innovative and sustainable lightweight construction system

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Talendu is the online platform for offline courses and workshops. We enable you to find the right course near you.

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TANGANY offers a technological solution for companies to use Blockchain. They integrate Blockchain easily and securely into their systems…

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The Smart Container Company

The future of draft beer.

Smart Container Company has developed Kegtracker, a patent-pending IoT technology that connects medium-sized containers…

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Tillify – individual photorealistic wall art from self made pictures with LEGO bricks by using an app

The app enables you to get every picture as an…

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Toposens - The world's first 3D ultrasonic echolocation sensor

Toposens is developing a new methodology in 3D sensor technology that has several…

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Tozy - One coat, infinite styles!

Due to the interchangeable design elements of the Tozy trench coat, it can be reconfigured over and over again.

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Traindoo is a holistic solution for individual training planning, recording and analysis for strength coaches of competitive athletes.

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TrainYourTeam - Workout for your team!

TrainYourTeam is an app that allows you to outsource running from team training. This saves coaches and…

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TrajectoriX aims to integrate an innovative patented method from the field of artificial intelligence for prioritizing evasive maneuvers into the…

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Urbacomp – Urban Composting (made easy)

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Welcome to our digital DOJO!

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URGROW offers you a self-sufficient, modular and interactive hydroponic system for growing herbs and vegetables in your home.

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UrmO is an electric, self-balancing scooter with a patent-pending folding mechanism for the last mile.

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