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1st Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in South Africa

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The Goethe-Institut Johannesburg holds a three-day intensive entrepreneurship bootcamp facilitated by the Goethe-Institut & The Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship. The idea is to learn from and share with fellow businessmen and women from the new Hub at Goethe-Institut Johannesburg on how best to improve their businesses hustles.

What is the Bootcamp about?

Participants will learn about tools and methods of business modelling in order to boost your business e.g.:

Deriving a vision from your internal motivation

Synthesizing business ideas after finding out more about customer needs

Defining your offering, your market and the resources you need

Refining your Value Proposition for your audiences and customers

Refining your Go-to-Market strategy

Financing models in the creative & cultural sectors in South Africa

Learning to pitch and present your findings

And more…

To get a first impression about the newly set up Cultural Entrepreneurship Hub in Johannesburg see Hub@Goethe and meet Johannesburg hubber like 'Watt-A-Woman founder Morwesi Ramonyai.

Watt-A-Woman is an app-based project that seeks to achieve economic inclusion of women, particularly from rural and underdeveloped areas, in the renewable energy sector. It promotes “earnership” of energy projects, by providing matching funds to women who make a small financial contribution towards a renewable energy project in their community. A future element of the project will be a gamified feature that encourages access to information, financial literacy and peer to peer support.

Our new Hub@Goethe is situated on the gallery level of the Goethe-Institut’s Library-Gamebox-Hub space. Eight workplaces are available for creative entrepreneurs who are working on an innovative and digital project. The seats are allocated according to a "call for applications" for a defined period of six months. Due to our focus on the field of digital games, projects in this area are preferred. The eight hubbers can present their project to the public twice during their stay at the Hub@Goethe. The hubbers will be provided with mentoring tailored to their needs, through individual mentoring and group mentoring. They are also encouraged to share and expand their knowledge through our eSkills Connect programme, which offers informal training sesions for the general public. The Goethe-Institut is striving for a network with other hubs in Johannesburg. The hubbers at the Hub@Goethe are then given the opportunity to exchange ideas and information informally with other hubs. Joint events will take place throughout the year. Hub@Goethe is realised in Cooperation with Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship at Hochschule Munich and the German Federal Foreign Office.

Watch the video with her, explaining what stands behind Watt-A-Woman:

Read more about Cultural Entrepreneurship Hubs:

Cultural Entrepreneurship Hubs is brought to you by Goethe-Institut and Strascheg Center for Entreprenurship and is financed by the German Federal Foreign Office.