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entreTime - first batch successfully completed

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entreTime is a train the trainers program for educators from around the world - and the first batch is now successfully completed. 44 educators from 10+ countries have attended the programme and are now definitely part of the entreTime community! They learned "teaching through entrepreneurship” by developing their own entrepreneurial programs, equip with the newest methods & tools.

We are thrilled, how much passion, creativity and curiosity our professors have shown in the past three months. And we would like to highlight today one of the many quotes:

"I really appreciated to take a step back from entrepreneurship as a tool to get startups on the road. It's very narrow. To step back, get a bigger picture again and see that entrepreneurship is really so important in lots of different types of teaching and that we really need to address it - also to succeed in the future."

Besides forming a community and learn top-notch methods, 10 brilliant innovative and impact-driven ideas came up within the educator groups. Our winners are:

  • "The Gamers" with 7 participants from 7 countries. A gamification approach to teach entrepreneurial skills.
  • Followed by AfrEntX - an entrepreneurship education bridge between Munich and two major universities in Togo.

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entreTime is a new entrepreneurship education service aimed at upskilling educators within higher education institutions and upgrading their pedagogical tools on this domain by providing a comprehensive training package.

Following our specific philosophy which considers entrepreneurship as a holistic pedagogical teaching method (“teaching through entrepreneurship”), a unique academic platform for spreading entrepreneurial teaching and co-creation, also outside the traditional domain of business schools and economic faculties, will be set up and validated throughout three years of activity, engaging top level educators across Europe.