fIVE Female Entrepreneurship Podcast: Talk with Martina Panchyrz- Founder of M.STORIES

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fIVE is our brand new monthly university podcast on female entrepreneurship offered by SCE and HM - Munich University of Applied Sciences. In this episode our guest is - Martina Panchyrz- Founder of M.STORIES. Learn more about our new podcast format and enjoy the episode here or on Spotify, Apple podcast or your favorite podcast app or listen here. 

In this episode our host Franziska Mattner talks to Martina Panchyrz. Martina is a journalist and professional storyteller. She started her carreer in the media industry, working as a chief reporter, before she decided to make a move. Instead of traveling the world, Martina took the chance of a sabbatical to found her own business, M.STORIES. Martina and I talk about her journey of becoming an entrepreneur, the upcoming female business festival and who she thinks are great rolemodels to follow and get inspired.


“We don’t put those who are already successful, “on a stage”, and present their lives as something unreachable to the ‘normal crowd’. We want you to see, listen and feel empowered by creating connections and proximity.”

Rolemodels can have a really positive impact on how we consider and progress in our careers. And this is what M.STORIES is about; it’s about the stories of people – their passion, fears, journeys and recipes on how to create a successful, and happy life. Martina has the knowledge, skills and passion to not only make those stories visible to others in form of onlineshows and business events, but to also spark the light in others.

The next upcoming event of M.STORIES is from the 21st till 24th of April, 2021 – a female business and lifestyle online festival. Dorothee Bär (politician), Dr. Suzanna Randall (astronaut), Marie Nasemann (actress) or Greta Silver (author & keynote speaker) - to name just a few of the +40 inspiring women, who will share their stories at the upcoming event


More information to the event you can find here: and

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fIVE is our brand new monthly university podcast on female entrepreneurship offered by SCE and HM - Munich University of Applied Sciences. The show is presented by our host Franziska Mattner; herself a female entrepreneur, learning designer and researcher in the field of women entrepreneurship. In the episode she is speaking with Lisa Duchscherer - Founder of Naked Minds & DBA student. Learn more about our new podcast format and enjoy the episode here or on SpotifyApple podcast or your favorite podcast app