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fIVE Female Entrepreneurship Podcast: Talk with Molly Johnson-Jones, Co-Founder & CEO of

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In this episode of fIVE, we talk with Molly Johnson-Jones, Co-Founder & CEO of and touch upon a variety of topics - From Molly's journey to becoming a co-founder, to her key learnings in the fundraising process, to gender stereotypes, personal bias, and how they define flexible working. This episode comes at just the right time, as the shift in the labor market is happening right now, as evidenced by a wealth of data and research. This requires employers to not only offer interesting jobs, but also to find their own position on what company culture, talent and work environment they want to offer. Molly recommends employers be authentic, transparent and honest.

fIVE is your monthly university podcast on female entrepreneurship offered by SCE and HM - Munich University of Applied Sciences. Learn more about our new podcast format and enjoy the episode here or on Spotify, Apple podcast or your favorite podcast app.

Due to an autoimmune disease for Molly, flexible working hours was not only a ‘nice-to-have’, but an absolute need. Yet, confronted with a pre-pandemic situation, where remote work or flexible hours were the exception rather than the norm, it was a hard and time-consuming process to find employers offering flexible work environments. In 2019, Molly Johnson-Jones co-founded the start-up with the ultimate goal to bring more transparency to the global job-hunting process and to portray and evaluate employers not only by ‘what they offer’ but especially, which working environment you’ll be able to find there.