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fIVE Female Entrepreneurship Podcast: Talk with Saskia Riedel, Founder of arcs audio

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In this episode of fIVE, we talk with Saskia Riedel about digital mediation of art without inhibition thresholds. In 2017 Saskia founded arcs audio, which is all about building bridges. It offers interactive and participative audio guides for museums and exhibitions to make ‘art more accessible’ to all people. Saskia is driven by her passion to ‘open up’ the seemingly exclusive art scene, by exploring and experiencing what is displayed ‘through the voices of others’. These stories, and narratives of ‘everyday people’, what they perceive and see when looking at a specific piece of art, are recorded and put together in an interactive audio guide format. A start-up at the intersection of culture, digitalization, humanity and art.
fIVE is your monthly university podcast on female entrepreneurship offered by SCE and HM - Munich University of Applied Sciences. Learn more about our new podcast format and enjoy the episode here or on Spotify, Apple podcast or your favorite podcast app.

Our guest of today’s episode is: SASKIA RIEDEL. Saskia works as a freelance curator and art facilitator. In 2015 she participated in Oh MY Goethe! – a German-French creativity lab, for people in the arts and culture to develop a sustainable business model. “It is not so common to talk about entrepreneurship, start-up ideas and the ‘business side’ of art, when you study in the arts”. Saskia Riedel, is a great example, inspiring and down-to earth role model for aspiring entrepreneurs. She started as a sidepreneur. Sidepreneurs are all, who start their business while still having other sources of income, such as a part-time job. This allows you to cover all your fixed costs, while still pushing your own start-up or projects forward and to test & experiment whether there is a market, and whether you’re having fun doing it! Sometimes an idea might look more promising, than when you perform it; sometimes you might not find a market for an idea, yet, what is important – to try, to fail, to learn! And there is not one single path to do this, but a wonderful variety. Not everyone might see themselves in running a company such as AirBnB, Youtube, or Netflix; for Saskia it’s important that she can grow arcs audio in a way that it still fits her lifestyle, values and well-being. Thank you Saskia for this wonderful conversation!

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