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fIVE Female Entrepreneurship Podcast: Talk with Svenja Lassen, Managing Director Germany at primeCROWD, Founder of the Female Investors Network

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In this episode of fIVE, we talk with Svenja Lassen. Svenja finds her passion and thrive in how to enhance the proportion of women entrepreneurs and female investors in Germany. With #25to25 – The Female Founders Pitch, she is opening a call to action, namely to increase the portion of women entrepreneurs from 16 to 25% by the year of 2025. In recent years this number has been stagnating, and thus, it’s time to set clear goals and make change happen. The increase of women entrepreneurs positively contributes to both economic, as well as sustainable development. Through initiating the Female Investors Network, Svenja aims to enhance the number of female investors, which would also positively impact the number of start-ups led or co-led by women. Diversity matters!
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Svenja Lassen is Managing Director Germany at primeCrowd and helps start-ups find investors and vice verca. But she misses women on both sides, as unfortunately there are only 16% female founders and only 8% female investors. Therefore, she conducted a scientific study with Prof. Dr. Alexandra Wuttig from the IUBH to find out why so few women invest in start-ups so far. Based on the results that women mainly want to invest with a positive impact (68%) and in female founders (62%), she started the Female Investors Network (FIN) by primeCROWD in 2020, with which she offers an open contact point and exchange for women interested in finance, conveys knowledge about startup investment and gives role models visibility and offers female founders a stage to present their ideas. The goal of her network is to sustainably increase the proportion of women in the entire start-up scene. Svenja is convinced that different perspectives are needed and that diversity is a decisive factor for success.

Together for more diversity! To increase the quota of women in the start-up scene to 25% by 2025 we support #25to25 - The Female Founder Pitch. Take part in the largest online pitch competition on June 30th 2021. You can find all information about the event here: #25to25 – The Female Founders Pitch

Thank you Svenja for this wonderful conversation!

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