fIVE Female Entrepreneurship Podcast: Talk with Talia Stroud

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In this episode, we talk about a research-inspired topic: "how to design better digital spaces?" with Talia Stroud (professor and director of the Center for Media Engagement at The University of Texas at Austin). As many founders today are the designers, makers, and builders of those spaces, we would like to share the results of what Talia Stroud and her team found in the course of a two-year research project. As this podcast tries to encourage equity, equality, diversity, and democracy for the sake of all, the findings are an important consideration for all founders to think of when building their algorithms, platforms, digital communities, or spaces. We hope you get inspired with new food for thought and actions to follow.

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How can we design and build better digital spaces and what can we learn from public spaces to do so? These questions are at the forefront of Natalie (Talia) Stroud’s research on platform design principles. Talia is the founding Director of the Center for Media Engagement in the Moody College of Communication at The University of Texas at Austin, as well as a Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and the School of Journalism. Through the Creative Mornings Community and newsletter, I learned about Stroud’s interesting research and invited her to speak on the topic on our podcast show. The pandemic further catalysed the digital component in our lives, but questions still remain on how to design digital spaces to foster community, humanity, and respectful behaviour rather than resentment and hate.