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Innovations-Café: How to internationalize

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Globalization affects our everyday lives…especially for startups. Whether you just started brainstorming your idea, or are about to bring your product to the market, it is essential to consider your internationalization strategy. When you begin to think beyond borders, you might not only see opportunities that exist, but also come to terms with potential hurdles you must overcome. There may be great demand for your product in one country, but your idea may also already exist in a different form in another country. In this way, an internationalization strategy is a way for you to maximize and scale your idea to create impact on a broader scope. Be part of the Innovations Café on July 6th at 6 PM CESTRegister now!

Since our International edition will be held in English, we want to introduce you to some of our international teams and create a panel discussion to hear more about their startup journey.

The program is offered by the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship. The eBridge Alliance is an international network of entrepreneurial universities and incubators towards the development of innovative and impactful startups and solutions.

Our moderator for the panel will be Andreas Hammerl, who is responsible for national and international projects as a Start-up & Co-Creation Manager.

Besides Andreas, we invited two international Start-ups and one Partner of the eBridge Alliance who runs a successful accelerator program in Bulgaria.

Besides hearing about their entrepreneurial paths, will be discussing the following points with our startups and partners:

  • Why is internationalization important for startups?
  • When should a startup begin it’s internationalization strategy?
  • How does a startup reach its consumers beyond its domestic market?
  • What are mistakes that can be avoided?


  • Greta Stefanova
    Greta is a co-founder and managing partner of WHISP.
  • Thomas Sinn
    Thomas is CEO and Co-Founder of DcubeD
  • Milena Stoycheva
    She is a Crazy Dreamer and Fire Starter, a.k.a. CEO of JA Bulgaria and its spin-off company The Edge: R&BD.

We look forward to an exciting evening!