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Invitation to the entreTime Train-the-Trainer Pilot Programme for (NON) Entrepreneurship Educators

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Entrepreneurship educators and friends listen: The SCE and the HM  - University of Applied Sciences Munich are currently partnering in an EU consortium to develop the train-the-train-programme entreTime for NON-entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship professors to promote entrepreneurship in teaching. Find out more and join us here.

We are very pleased to invite you (limited participants from per country) to be part of the pilot programme, a unique entrepreneurial journey to improve your teaching experience.

The pilot is free of charge!

The three-month online learning programme (from 03/31/21 to 06/16/21) aims to foster entrepreneurial mindset and competencies in participants and their future students, to show didactical approaches to add value to almost all courses in a wide range of disciplines, and to network with many exciting colleagues. 

The programme application deadline is on March, 24th .

We are looking forward to your registration. Please also make your colleagues aware of this offer.

Info & Registration: