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The New HEInnovate Action Card Set Self-assessment of Higher Education Institiutions - online and offline -

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HEInnovate is a self-reflection and assessment tool for Higher Education Institutions who wish to explore their innovative potential. It guides you through a process of identification, prioritisation and action planning in eight key areas. So far more the 30.000 assessments were undertaken by roundabout 1.700 HEIs.  +++ NEW +++ Now the powerful HEInnovate Tool was updated for the first time. Included in the update was a new set of action cards based on the European THEI 2.0 consortium. DOWNLOAD Card Set for free

The improved self-assessment tool is available since the 27th of June in all official EU languages. Universities and other Higher Education Institutions can start their self assessment with the up-to-date version at 

You will find the card set at the section “resources/training materials

HEInnovate is not a benchmarking tool. It diagnoses areas of strengths and weaknesses, opens up discussion and debate on the entrepreneurial and innovative nature of your institution and it allows you to compare and contrast evolution over time. You can have instant access to your results, learning materials and a pool of experts. HEInnovate can be used by all types of higher education institutions. HEInnovate is an initiative of the European Commission in partnership with the OECD. It is free, confidential and open to anyone to use. Being an entrepreneurial higher education institution depends upon individuals, and innovative ways of doing things.

About HEInnovate:

HEInnovate is an initiative of the European Commission's DG Education and Culture in partnership with the OECD. HEInnovate is a free self-assessment tool for all types of higher education institution. It allows you to assess your institution using a number of statements related to its entrepreneurial activities, including leadership, staffing and links with business. Extensive training and support materials, including practical case studies, are available to support workshops and further development within your more.