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Common monetizes CO2 savings

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Our Start-up League Team Common has developed a loyalty program in the form of an app that measures the reduction of CO2 emissions through the activities of individuals and systematically rewards them according to the principle "1 kg of CO2 not emitted = 1 green cent". Download the app now and benefit:

For example, if you drive 6 km to the office, you emit 781.80 g of CO2 less than if you drove a car. So you would receive 0.7818 GC as a reward, since 781.80 g = 0.7818 kg. All Common users can then spend their Greencents with their partners: Common thus allows individuals to pay with their environmental friendliness.

Their partners can be stores, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bike repair shops, cultural institutions, and more who want to use Common as a marketing tool. They can also be partners for companies that want to recruit and retain employees, or cities that want to use it to achieve specific environmental goals.

Common's B2B business model, primarily aims for public and private organizations to become part of their system. Common's goal is to become a compliance tool for their partners, as they firmly believe that governments will expect organizations to demonstrate that they are doing their part in the fight against climate change.