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Drink Innovation Campus (DICA) 2022: Successes in the beverage accelerator

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The beverage industry's first accelerator program, DICA, is increasingly reaping the rewards of co-creating startups with established companies. To the INSIDE Beverage Market magazine's DICA annual review.

Bit crunches for gastro

After Hassia's blockchain technology coup with Connecting Food (INSIDE 874), the Drink Innovation Campus can show further results. As a DICA partner, the Bitburger Brewery Group got to know the young company Knusperhalm and recognized potential for collaboration. With the EU-wide ban on plastic straws since July 2021, there was a particular need ... more

Reusable partner for takeaway

Through DICA, the Bitburger Brewery Group also found contact with the reusable start-up Vytal, with whom a strategic partnership was formed: From January 2023,... more

Franken Brunnen integrates space technology

DICA partner Franken Brunnen, in turn, relies on a high-speed dosing system from KTW Technology at its subsidiary Romina Mineralbrunnen(Eiszeitquell). The company, founded in 2017 by Wolfgang Teichmann, was a participant in DICA Batch #7.... more

New Batch #8: From smart solutions to iced tea

Batch #8 once again features exciting startups. Out of originally more than 40 applicants, four start-ups prevailed in the pitch in front of the DICA partners (Bitburger, Franken Brunnen, Ardagh, Drinktec): Rosa Montiel-Winter and Bianca Bauer aroused interest with their organic ice tea Yalité.... more

To the DICA annual review of the INSIDE beverage market magazine.