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Interview with "ORATIS" from the current batch of the start-up certificate

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Aylin Goekdal and Rana Goekdal are part of Batch #6 of the Start-up Certificate Program since 2021 with ORATIS, the first spiritual dating app with a focus on inner values that finds the right partner:in through the stars using a special astrology and personality algorithm! Prior to the Start-up Certificate, the founders participated in the Open Incubator Program "eBridge - Let's get real" and were nominated for the Strascheg Award in 2021 in the category "Best Business Idea in the Student Period". With the help of the Start-up Certificate Program, they are currently expanding their idea. If you also have a great idea and are still looking for a start-up home , then let the two of them convince you in the following interview to come to HM SCE and apply with your idea for the Start-up Certificate.

1. how did the idea for the start-up come about?

The idea was born during a cozy glass of wine in our shared apartment.

What challenges did you face at the beginning of the start-up certificate?

We knew that our business idea was a tech start-up and that we founders could not program and needed suitable team members to do the technical part for us. We also knew that we would need several rounds of funding to launch the final app version.

What were your top 3 highlights from the start-up certificate and how did they advance your start-up?

We shot our first marketing video thanks to the prototype budget, changed our web hosting provider, launched the first social media ad marketing campaigns and developed our first prototype.

4. what is your vision?

We want to set a counter-movement to the constant exchangeability and superficiality and make getting to know each other easier and more fun. With our special astrology and personality algorithm we provide a quick overview of similarities and compatibility per User:in. Our newsfeed tool and blog posts transfer knowledge about psychological astrology, personality types, self-love, relationships and much more. We fulfill our vision and mission when our spiritual community learns more about themselves through our ORATIS app and attract the right partner:in with this self-knowledge.

5. What are your do's and don'ts when starting a business?

Don't rush, take your time putting the team together, and get several legal opinions before starting the business. Allow enough time for business and financial planning and don't be discouraged by bureaucratic funding applications and possible rejections.

Why should you apply for the Start-up Certificate and what advice would you give to interested founders?

This program is a very good opportunity to implement your business idea with experts and a unique network. The workshops are very helpful to grow and the regular one-on-one coaching sessions are a good place to start to get more specific about your needs and challenges. The budget provided is a very big help to develop the first prototype.

7. and finally - your call to action: How can you be helped?

We are happy to welcome each and every one of you to our spiritual community. Feel free to sign up through our website and try out our first astrology matchmaking prototype and download our astrology eBook for free. If you would like to become an ORATIS team member, please send us your application. We are currently looking for support in the area of app development and data-driven marketing. Magical greetings, your ORATIS Team

Convinced by "oratis" like us? Then become active! We wish the whole team continued success.

You have an innovative project yourself? Then apply now for our 24-week accelerator program, the Start-up Certificate, and become part of the Start-up League yourself!