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Interview with Strascheg Award - Winner "SKOR

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Hüseyin Özdemir, Nicolas Koller, Maurice Koller and Johann Giesinger emerged as winners with their start-up "SKOR" at the Strascheg Award 2021 in category 1, Best Business Idea from a Course (FK09, Prof. Dr. Gillig). SKOR is an ecosystem in steel darts with an automatic scoring system that focuses on simplifying competitions and connecting dart players. You have a great idea too? Then let them convince you in the following interview to submit your idea to the Strascheg Award, the idea competition of the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the SCE, and give your start-up story a jump-start. .

1. why did you participate in the Strascheg Award or why should one participate?

After the successful idea generation and elaboration of the business model during the course, we wanted to pursue this idea further. The Strascheg Award gave us a very good opportunity to fully outline the potential of our business idea and to detail it in more detail. We were able to present our idea in front of a large audience and get valuable feedback.

What were your highlights at the Strascheg Award?

The biggest highlight was standing on the winner's podium and achieving 2nd place.

3. what was the significance of the participation for you and what did you take away from it?

Participating in the Strascheg Award was very important for us to test the viability of the business idea by a wider audience. Furthermore, the Strascheg Award gave us an ideal stage to get feedback from several experts of the SCE network. How has your idea developed since the Strascheg Award?

The Strascheg Award was a booster for us. We were able to find additional co-founders who complemented the team in the best possible way. With the new co-founders we were admitted to the start-up certificate and are working together on a timely market launch.

What would you say to interested award participants and give them on their way?

Participate in any case. Having the opportunity to have your idea evaluated by several experts is unique. The prize money is also ideal for the further development of the business idea.

And finally - let's be honest: What did you do with the prize money?

A larger part of the prize money was used for further prototype construction. Another part was spent on the Strascheg Award victory party and a small remainder is still available to us for further development of the business idea.

We thank "SKOR" for the great interview and wish the whole team continued success.

Apply now yourself for the award, which is endowed with a total prize money of 30.000€. All students, professors, employees and alumni of the Munich University of Applied Sciences can submit their business ideas until September 18. Apply now with an idea paper for one of the three categories: www.sce.de/strascheg-award. LAST CALL! Apply now!