Interview with Strascheg Award - Winner "gutfeel

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Marius Greubel and Dominik Grauer won the Strascheg Award 2021 with their start-up "gutfeel" (Entrepreneurship Project from the Deep Dive Master; Prof. Bettina Maisch) in category 1, Best Business Idea from a Course. gutfeel offers a digital market research solution that interfaces FMCG (fast-moving-consumer-goods) companies with their target audience and provides meaningful customer feedback - through a survey methodology focusing on image, sound and time - within a few hours. You have a great idea too? Then let them convince you in the following interview to submit your idea to the Strascheg Award, the ideas competition of the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences and the SCE, and give your start-up story a jump-start.

1. Why did you participate in the Strascheg Award or why should one participate?

From our point of view, an early-stage start-up should take part in as many pitch competitions as possible. Therefore, it was natural for us as a start-up to try our luck at the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship's ideas competition.

What were your highlights at the Strascheg Award?

Sure - the absolute highlight was of course winning and the corresponding prize money. But apart from that, it was a huge experience, albeit remote, to pitch in front of such a large crowd of people. In addition, it was enormously exciting for us to get to know the ideas of the other startups and to make various other helpful contacts, some of whom we are still in contact with.

What was the significance of the participation for you and what did you take away for yourselves?

For us, the positive feedback from the event was once again an important proof for our concept. The event made us even more enthusiastic about our idea, motivated us and made us step on the gas.

How has your idea developed since the Strascheg Award?

The idea has basically remained the same - except for a few minor details and the name. The prototypes that we had developed at the time of the award have now become a real MVP with which we will soon carry out the first pilot projects and then push ahead with market entry.

What would you tell interested award participants and give them to take with them?

Just do it! There is nothing to lose! On the contrary! Even if you don't win any prize money, the network and the reach and attention that the Strascheg Award generates is worth its weight in gold.

And finally - let's be honest: What did you do with the prize money?

Even though we would have loved to invest the money in a vacation in Mallorca (😉), the further development of the MVP has been our top priority in recent months. Accordingly, we have also put 100% of the prize money into development and outsourced some services.

We thank "gutfeel" for the great interview and wish the whole team continued success.

Apply now yourself for the award, which comes with a total prize money of 30.000€. All students, professors, employees and alumni of the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences can submit their business ideas until September 18. Apply now with an idea paper for one of the three categories:

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