Interview mit Start-up Zertifikat Alumni "santic"

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Michael Fried, Silvan Armbruster and Ansgar Dirscherl were part of Batch #5 of the Start-up Certificate Program in 2021 with their start-up santic, a digital trade fair platform. The idea for the start-up was developed by the three students of the Munich University of Applied Sciences in a study project, and was then further developed and marketed with the help of the Start-up Certificate Program. Do you also have a great idea and are still looking for a start-up home? Then let the three convince you in the following interview to come to the SCE of the HM and apply with your idea for the Start-up Certificate until January 10, 2022.

1. how did the idea for the start-up come about?

We came together at HOKO and saw the need in the market during the pandemic and created a company out of it.

2) What challenges did you face at the beginning of the start-up certificate?

The stressful time with extremely short deadlines and then founding the company took a lot out of us, besides we all still work and actually study.

What were your top 3 highlights from the Start-up Certificate and how did they advance your start-up?

Definitely the offices, without them we would never have been able to do our work so concentrated, the partner network to lawyers and tax advisors and the super helpful coaching sessions with our supervisor Jana, thank you for that!

4. what is your vision?

To further develop and distribute our product now, to make it available to more providers.

5. what are your do's and don'ts when starting up?

Don't rely on authorities, especially under time pressure. And always have a clear vision in front of you.

Why should you apply for the Start-up Certificate and what advice would you give to interested founders?

If you are not sure whether your idea is good or could work, the best choice is the Start-up Certificate. Here you can test, try, redesign everything in a safe environment where you can always get help.

7. and finally - your call to action: how can people do you good?

We are looking for testers for our new developments! Contact us now at

Convinced by "santic" like us? Then become active! We wish the whole team continued success.

You have an innovative project yourself? Then apply now for our 24-week accelerator program, the Start-up Certificate, and become part of the Start-up League yourself!

Apply online now until 10.1.2022!