Start for Future - The future of the economy lies in the networking of innovative regions

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The challenges facing the economy are greater than ever, and the mood is gloomy. If you ask politicians and citizens about their hopes, you often hear two answers: SMEs and innovative strength - Start for Future brings the two together. Read the following article on to find out how Start for Future is developing innovative answers to the most pressing questions in areas such as mobility, manufacturing, energy, healthcare and the regenerative economy.

"Together as a team - interdisciplinary, cross-system and Europe-wide," is the answer from Start for Future (SFF). SFF is an alliance and entrepreneurship hub that brings together entrepreneurial universities and incubators, start-ups and large and small companies as well as public organizations. The alliance has set itself the goal of driving systemic innovation in Europe. To this end, SFF connects regional ecosystems, such as Munich, Barcelona or Edinburgh, in order to jointly support talent and start-ups, but also to enable co-creation and technology transfer between start-ups, companies, science and civil society beyond their own ecosystem. There are well-coordinated programs and activities for this.

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