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Start-ups - driving forces in the beverage sector

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The current challenges are forcing companies to become increasingly agile. What are the driving forces in the beverage industry? And how can the industry benefit from the ideas of young start-ups?
An article by Malaika Fischer, Senior Consultant at SCE and Dynamic Innovation, full article published on

An industry on the move

A picture of the future of the beverage industry in Germany could look like this: companies will form a complex interplay of production with state-of-the-art information and communication technology. Production will organize itself via digitally networked systems. People, production facilities, logistics and products will communicate and cooperate on an interdisciplinary basis. The consistent networking of the entire value chain will significantly optimize processes through the analysis and generation of real-time data and make them absolutely transparent.

The transformation process affects large and small

The digital transformation is not only being implemented by major players, small and medium-sized breweries are also making their way. Production processes and the entire value chain are being displayed and analyzed in real time using IoT platforms and corresponding software.

Product distribution is also becoming increasingly networked and digital, keyword metaverse. Thanks to digitalization and global networking, a single supplier can potentially radically change entire industries in a short space of time.

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